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High Wycombe Yoga Classes: Of the many options for doing fitness workouts in High Wycombe, one of the most favoured choices since the 1980s has been yoga. If your goal is to increase your stamina, build up your strength, improve your flexibility and reduce stress, then yoga could be just the thing for you. You might even find that signing up for a yoga class in High Wycombe will be a life changing experience.

Improved physical and mental fitness is not the only benefit of yoga, a range of familiar health problems can also be eased. If chronic back pain, pain in the joints, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety or heart disease are things you suffer from, yoga might be beneficial to you. If you are not so afflicted, yoga at least offers an effective and safe way to increase your physical activity.

High Wycombe Yoga Classes

Though yoga has been around for over five thousand years since it was developed in ancient India, its widespread implementation is a fairly modern phenomenon. It took about one hundred years after its initial appearance in the Western World, for the acceptance of yoga to really gain momentum. Many millions of people all around the globe now practice yoga as its popularity has grown quickly.

Some reasons that yoga is so popular are that it is not necessary to buy any specialised or expensive equipment, it can be performed anywhere (in your home, outdoors or in a classroom) and it can be practiced by people of all fitness levels and all ages.

If you fully engage with yoga and all of its theories, you will soon find that is becomes an obsession, a philosophy and a completely new way of life. Your physical body will benefit but so will your mind and spirit. Yoga really gets to some people.

What is Yoga? - To explain it in layman's terms, yoga makes use of controlled breathing techniques, relaxation, specific bodily poses and basic meditation with the aim of improving flexibility, strength and balance. With spiritual elevation, physical fitness and mental wellbeing, being the primary objective.

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Yoga Poses for Beginners - The thought of figuring out each and every one of the yoga poses can be quite daunting for beginners, since there are dozens of different postures or poses, each with their own distinct purpose. Although we think is is beyond the scope of this article to delve too deeply into the many poses and postures that exist, below we'll list some simple ones that are a good starting place for yoga beginners in High Wycombe. Our top twelve basic poses are: The Downward Facing Dog, The Mindful Breath Pose (for relaxation), The Child's Pose, The Triangle (for toning), The Meditation Pose (to relieve stress), The Plank, The Bridge Pose, The Tree, The Warrior One (for strength and stamina), The Seated Forward Bend, The Supine Twist, The Mountain Pose (for standing and breathing).

There are a number of different kinds of yoga, which may be a little bit confusing for you novices. The primary forms of yoga are Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Iyenga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. You might not find classes in all of these yoga forms are available in or near High Wycombe, but they are practiced in schools, health clubs, community centres, leisure centres, gyms, village halls, hospitals and comparable venues around the UK. To get a general introduction to yoga, and to get you inspired you could enroll for a beginners yoga class in High Wycombe. As you develop you can choose the style that suits you best.

You can start your yoga journey in many ways. You could attend a yoga workshop, hire a one-to-one yoga teacher in High Wycombe, pop along to a nearby yoga studio, book yourself a weekend on a yoga retreat, join a yoga class in High Wycombe or borrow a DVD on yoga and follow it closely in the privacy of you own home. To get the most benefit from a yoga session, you need to be fully relaxed and comfortable, so choosing the best alternative for you is important.

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It goes without saying that a lot of people in High Wycombe would see practicing yoga at home as the best option, but you should be mindful that you could be losing out by making this decision. Attending yoga classes in High Wycombe allows you to draw on the sagacity of a yoga specialist, putting you on the right path from the very start. Attending a yoga class also gives you the opportunity to meet new people. "Revitalising your social life" can then be added to the growing list of benefits.

Just from this short review of yoga you can see how the simple choice of joining a yoga class in High Wycombe could be a life changing experience.

Am I Too Old For Yoga? - Elderly adults in High Wycombe often ask this, and the answer is, you are not too old to do yoga. In fact if you are at risk of falling and have poor balance, yoga could be very beneficial for you. The lower body, particularly the knees and ankles can be strengthened by yoga, meaning you are less likely to fall and injure yourself.

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