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Yoga Classes: Yoga has been one of the most popular workout choices for the people of UK over the last 30 years or so. In fact, yoga could be just the thing for you if your aim is to increase your stamina, build your strength, lower your stress levels and improve your flexibility. Your life could even be changed for the better by joining a yoga class in the UK.

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On top of improving our general mental and physical wellness, yoga can also work its magic on a range of common health conditions that can affect our daily lives. Should you suffer from painful joints, depression, anxiety, lower back pain, high blood pressure or heart disease, yoga could be beneficial for you. Even if you don't suffer from any of these conditions, yoga provides a safe and effective way to improve your fitness and increase your physical activity.

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The technique of Yoga actually originated in ancient Indian culture some five thousand years ago, although it is only in recent times that it has become so widespread. It first arrived on the scene in the West during the late 19th century, but didn't gain much recognition until the 1980's. Yoga has continued to grow in popularity in the UK and all over the United Kingdom.

It is actually quite easy to appreciate why yoga is so popular when you realise that it can be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of age or fitness, it can be carried out anywhere (outside, in your own home or in a class) and it is not necessary to buy any costly or special equipment.

Just what you get out of yoga can depend on what effort you put into it. You can merely use it as a gentle form of exercise or you can completely immerse yourself in it and all of its teachings until it ends up being a philosophy, a passion and a totally new way of life. You will soon come to understand and appreciate the spiritual and psychological benefits that are perhaps even more valuable than the improvements to your level of fitness. Yoga can have a powerful impact on you.

What is Yoga? - To explain it in simple terms, yoga incorporates specific bodily poses, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation with the aim of improving strength, balance and flexibility. Elevating both the mental and physical wellbeing of the participant is the paramount goal.

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Top 12 Yoga Poses - Each yoga pose or posture is designed with a distinct purpose in mind, and there are dozens of poses which you can try. We won't list all the poses here, but we can summarize some of the more well known ones for yoga beginners in the UK, which you could use to get you on the right path. Our beginners top 12 yoga pose are: The Seated Forward Bend, The Tree (for balance), The Supine Twist, The Mindful Breath Pose, The Triangle, The Warrior One, The Downward Facing Dog, The Plank, The Child's Pose, The Bridge Pose (for strengthening the back), The Mountain Pose, The Meditation Pose (to relieve stress).

The disciplines of yoga are many and varied and without wanting to confuse you novices out there, we'll list some of them here. The primary disciplines of yoga are Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Iyenga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga and Hot Yoga. While you will see all of these yoga disciplines taking place in various village halls, hospitals, health clubs, community centres, schools, leisure centres, gymnasiums and similar venues throughout the UK, it's likely that they won't all be available in or near to UK. You might find that a beginners yoga class in the UK will include bits from a few disciplines and give you a general introduction to yoga. As soon as you've set some goals for your yoga experience, you can choose which style suits you best.

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If yoga appeals to you and you are eager to get going, your journey can begin in a number of ways. You could borrow a yoga DVD and diligently follow it in the comfort and privacy of you own home, have private one-to-one sessions with a yoga teacher in the UK, head down to your local yoga studio, sign up for a yoga class in the UK, book yourself a place on a yoga retreat or attend a yoga workshop. You can of course try several different alternatives until you find the right one for you, though getting this right is vital.

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While we wouldn't want to discourage the notion of doing your yoga at home, we should point out that you may be depriving yourself of some of the added benefits. When you are learning something new it is useful to have the help and advice of an expert, and this is what you'll get if you attend yoga classes in the UK. It also enables you to make new friends and mix with like minded people in the UK area. So you can add "improving your social life" to the list of benefits.

Yoga has changed many people's lives for the better, so the simple choice of joining a yoga class in the UK could be one of the most significant things you'll ever do.

Am I Too Old For Yoga? - Yoga can easily be adapted to suit people of any age or fitness level in the UK, so no, you are not too old to do yoga. Yoga helps to improve balance so this could actually help to prevent falls, the leading cause of injury to older adults. Yoga is often encouraged for older adults to strengthen their lower body and prevent falls.

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