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Newry Yoga Classes: For the people of Newry looking to do fitness workouts, one of the most popular choices since the 1980s has been yoga. If you're looking to increase your stamina, improve your flexibility, build your strength and reduce stress, then yoga could be exactly the thing for you. Attending a yoga class in Newry can do more than just get you fit, it can change your life forever.

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Yoga does not just help with improvements in mental and physical wellbeing, it can also ease a variety of everyday complaints that often make our lives intolerable. Yoga could be beneficial to you should you suffer from pain in the joints, depression, heart issues, high blood pressure, back pain or anxiety. If not, at least you will increase your level of physical activity.

Yoga Classes Newry

Originating in ancient India some five thousand years ago, yoga is now practiced worldwide. It took about one hundred years after its initial introduction to the West, for the recognition of yoga to really gain momentum. Since that time yoga has increasingly grown in popularity in Newry and throughout the United Kingdom.

It become obvious why yoga is so popular in Newry when you learn that it can be practiced by anyone irrespective of age or fitness, it doesn't require any specialised or costly equipment and it can be performed anywhere (out in the open, in the comfort of your own home or in a formal class).

People in Newry who fully immerse themselves in yoga and all of its theories will find that it grows into a philosophy, an obsession and a completely new way of life. The improvements in your level of fitness will be complemented by additional spiritual and psychological benefits. Yoga can really get to you.

So What is Yoga? - While yoga can be be quite involved, in simple terms it involves basic meditation, relaxation, breathing exercises and bodily poses, with the aim of improving flexibility, strength and balance. With mental wellbeing, physical fitness and spiritual elevation, being the paramount goal.

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Yoga Poses - There are actually a multitude of poses or postures that are used in yoga, so understanding this area of the discipline can be extremely confusing for beginners in particular. Yoga beginners in Newry should stick to some simple poses and postures, and then add others as they become more confident. Our basic top twelve poses for yoga beginners are: The Warrior One (for strength and stamina), The Child's Pose, The Triangle (for toning), The Mindful Breath Pose, The Bridge Pose (for strengthening the back), The Tree (for balance), The Supine Twist, The Seated Forward Bend, The Meditation Pose (to relieve stress), The Plank, The Downward Facing Dog (for stretching and strengthening), The Mountain Pose.

It can be a bit confusing for the novice as there are a lot of different styles of yoga. The main disciplines of yoga in Newry are Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga, Hot Yoga and Iyenga Yoga. While fitness centres, community centres, schools, village halls, health clubs, hospitals, gymnasiums and similar venues around the United Kingdom offer yoga classes in all these disciplines, only specific ones may be available in or near to Newry. To get a general introduction to yoga, and to get you motivated you could get yourself signed up for a beginners yoga class in Newry. Later you can opt for to specialise in the style which is best suited for your goals.

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If yoga appeals to you and you are keen to get started, your journey can begin in many different ways. You could book a spell on a yoga retreat, attend a yoga workshop, purchase a yoga DVD and follow it closely in the comfort and privacy of you own home, join a yoga class in Newry, head down to your local yoga studio or hire a personal yoga teacher in Newry. To get the most benefit from a yoga session, you need to be completely relaxed, so choosing the best option for you is crucial.

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Now you really don't want to miss out on any of the added benefits, and if you find doing yoga at home more suitable for you, this could be the case. Attending yoga classes in Newry enables you to draw on the knowledge of a yoga specialist, putting you on the right path at the outset. Another positive aspect of going to yoga classes is that you'll make new friends and meet new people in Newry. Therefore you can add another benefit to your growing list, and that is "enhancing your social life"

While we don't want to claim that joining a yoga class in Newry will be the answer to all your troubles, it should help to ease some of them. (Tags: Yoga Classes Newry, Yoga Lessons Newry, Yoga Newry)

Am I Too Old For Yoga? - When you think about any type of fitness program, you picture young athletic people exercising, however yoga is not like that and can be practiced by people of all ages in Newry. Falling is the leading cause of injuries in older adults and yoga can help to prevent falls by improving balance. Because yoga strengthens the knees and ankles, it can reduce the risk of you falling and causing an injury to yourself.

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